Scouting by Film: Mystic Pizza

We just had a nice long stay in Mystic, Connecticut at a couple of different anchorages there. Before going, we decided to scope out the town by watching a movie that featured the area as its backdrop. We did this before when we were at Cliff Island in Casco Bay which was the setting for The Whales of August.

Mystic PIzza

Mystic Pizza was a no-brainer for checking out Mystic, CT through entertainment first. It was neat knowing what the bridge looked like before we got there and we were excited about another town that might have a large Portuguese population (we just came from Vineyard Haven)… but that’s about where similarities with the real life town ended.

According to the film, it would appear that there’d be a decent working boat population there and that there are some people still processing fish right there at the docks. Maybe it was like that in 1988 but it’s totally not like that now. I can report that the pizza place is still there and that there are, as Julia Roberts finds out, excellently rich people living there or coming there as tourists. I think at this point there are so many well-cashed folk saturating the area that it’s impossible to get a meal for under $20.

Heck, there aren’t any useful stores downtown which is always a sign of gentrification or tourist-ification gone awry. No grocery, no hardware store. There was a really neat marine consignment store that even non-boat people would find interesting and there was a top notch A&P liquor store that had an AMAZING beer section.

At the very least the film was entertaining. Lili Taylor (below, center) has to be one of my favorites. Not just in this film, but in other greats like Say Anything and High Fidelity- she slays me when she plays the train that’s barely staying on its rails.

Mystic Pizza

No one reported Mystic Pizza’s pizza actually being a slice of heaven, and so while we were in town we had pizza elsewhere. I strongly recommend Pizzetta if you’d like a pizza in Mystic. The ones we ordered (because we kept going back) were gluten free, deliciously-topped, and could have been made vegan if we wanted them. We’re talking about really homemade stuff- they smoke their own chicken and have other fantastic toppings. Super great staff and a knockout seating area outside that’s dog friendly.

NYC is next. What should we watch? I was thinking Ghostbusters, Arsenic and Old Lace, or something like that. Of course I’ve been there before, but scouting is always good.

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