Deviled Eggs, an Awesome Potluck Schtick

Deviled eggs!

These aren’t just deviled eggs in this picture, these are HUEVOS DIABLOS! That’s right. The yolks are mashed with sour cream, Valentino hot sauce, and a dash of salt. You can throw out that dusty little can of paprika that’s followed you around from apartment to apartment (or from boat to boat) and you can leave the mayonnaise for another time. Like for fry time. Mmm. Fries and mayonnaise.

I digress.

There are so many ways to prepare the flavors in deviled eggs that I really feel this little number is making a comeback. It’s easy to delight people of many walks- gluten free, vegetarian, or on a strict no-carb diet. Also, if you’re looking for something to be “your thing” at a potluck, this might be just the ticket!

Let’s just jump right into how to cook perfect eggs, ok? Be sure to get all the way through because I have other flavor ideas below!

Here we go!

1 poblano pepper

1 tomato


sour cream, or even better, crema Mexicana or crema Salvadoreña- plain yogurt would work ok too

eggs, probably 8 or 10 of them to make a nice plate for sharing


hot sauce- something red and not too hot is good for most people, and this is to your taste.  Valentina, Tapa Tio, Tabasco, you get the idea.

The most important part of this recipe is cooking the eggs. Overcooking makes for tough whites and dry yolks, even though they’ll be salvaged somewhat by the delicious filling. Here’s how you avoid weird green bits and bad texture.

Start with a pot of salted, room temperature water. Sometimes I add a tablespoon of vinegar because I heard once that it helps with peeling. The best thing to do for easy peeling is to buy eggs well before you need them, and let them hang around for a week or more. Anyhow add the eggs in, making sure you’ve got about an inch of water over them. Now you turn on your burner and bring it to a boil and let it boil for just a couple minutes. Now cut the heat off and just put a cover on. Let that sit for about 12 minutes. They’ll be perfectly, gently, beautifully done.

If you’re ashore and have access to a lot of water, run the tap into the pot as it sits on the bottom of your sink to bring the temperature of the water in the pot down and to stop the cooking. Just let it run and spill out over the edge for a little while, as only land folk can do, and when the temperature is closer to room temperature again, go ahead and pick up each egg and tap it on the bottom of the pan to crack it a bit. While you’re peeling eggs, this will hopefully help the rest of them be more peel-able.

Not on land or short on water? That’s ok, this is just finesse. I swear it works to help with peeling and to stop cooking the eggs. You can just take them out of the pot. Or you could do the same thing with your salt water pump and just give the eggs a little rinse when you’re ready to peel them.

Peel and cut the eggs in half lengthwise with a non-serrated knife. Wipe the knife between eggs so they all look absolutely perfect. Just kidding. No really though, wipe the knife. They’ll look a little better.

Now you can just lightly push the sides of the eggs to pop the yolks out into a mixing bowl. You don’t really need a spoon, but be gentle if you must use one.

Mash the yolks with the sour cream and hot sauce. Add both to taste and texture preferences. Salt to taste. For my 10 eggs, I used the whole thing of one of those little sour cream containers. I had a LOT of left over filling (that I then used as a base sauce for this really delicious rice) so you could probably use less.

Then you just put all of it into a pastry bag or a plastic bag and snip the corner, pipe it into the eggs. The poblano, tomato, and scallion toppin’ isn’t fussy. Just cut little cubes and drop a few pieces on top of each.

Now. Other flavors:

mayonnaise, wasabi, pickled ginger on top

mayonnaise, crumbled bleu cheese, Frank’s Red Hot sauce (buffalo wing!), chopped celery/carrot on top

Greek yogurt, dill, chopped cucumber on top

mayonnaise, chopped bacon, diced tomato on top, serve on a plate lined with lettuce (BLT!)

mayonnaise, sriracha, scallion on top

mayonnaise (just a tiny bit), thousand island dressing, chopped sauerkraut and a little strip of corned beef on top

What flavors can you think of that would absolutely dominate the pot luck?

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