Woodenboat School, the Sunday Intro Dinner


I’m taking a class at Woodenboat this week, and all of their classes start with a dinner on Sunday night. You meet your instructor and your classmates, you get a deluge of information about Brooklin and about the campus.

Oh, and you get a really kickin’ dinner.

The kitchen at the Woodenboat School always KILLS IT with their food. Tonight it was a choice of chowder or roasted tomato soup with salad. I had wasabi cucumber dressing on that. Then it was blueberry lemonade to drink and apple cake to round it all out. It’s like that every night of the week, too. Not fancy, but totally solid mainstays that are well-made and lovingly delivered. And there are always choices for vegetarians and gluten-sensitive types.

Normally I’m the sort of person who is ok with sitting with strangers, introducing myself, and whatnot. Today I decided to hang back in the room, to sit by myself, and to just take it all in while observing the other people in the room.

Eventually my instructor came in and chose to sit with me. A benefit of sitting alone, maybe? I should try that more often. It was nice to make chit chat about how we share the same first name, to let her in on what I wanted out of the class and where I’m coming from.

The class is Introduction to Canvasworking, and I’m in awe of the reputation this great lady has. It’ll be a good week, for sure, and I plan on sharing my projects and my experience with you throughout.

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