Launching Day, 2014

Launch day was set for Thursday the 26th, right at the same time USA was taking on Germany for the World Cup. It was bad luck, set a while back before we were thinking about the World Cup at all, and so when we went down to the boat yard on the 24th to see about having the mast moved from storage, Brooklin Boat Yard’s great people were already moving it, and boy howdy surprise, were going to come get the boat within a couple of hours.

Cue Eye of the Tiger. Cue fast montage of driving across the peninsula, hurriedly putting tools away, tying things down, all that jive… and she was getting hauled down to the yard to be splashed the next day. Everything happened so fast this time around, no sitting in the sling overnight, no great anticipation for a whole day knowing the truck might come but not at what time… my feelings were of¬†general relief rather than excitement. It’s got me thinking maybe this is becoming commonplace.

Launching day went smoothly. #sailboat #sailing #brooklin #maine #brooklinboatyard #woodenboat #weloveuneventful

It was still a bit magical to feel the boat go from swinging to floating, if not because it was thrilling and new, but rather that the boat belongs in the water and not on jack stands, and everyone likes to see a thing in its proper environment.

Here are some other exciting things going on at Brooklin Boat Yard.

The fun shapes possible with cold molded wood. #woodenboat #sailboat #brooklinboatyard #brooklin #maine

Those are some scrap pieces from the production of the Frers 74 project, check their facebook page for more information, because their updates are top notch.

Strip-planked construction in progress at #brooklinboatyard #brooklin #maine #sailboat #boats

They’re also building this strip-planked double ender, which is looking mighty pretty.

And then there was the dinghy launch.

Dinghy movin' time. #woodenboat #sailing #sailboat #tender #ORANGE!

It's a good color.

Colin and Pepper, launching the dinghy. #brooklinboatyard #brooklin #maine #rowboat #sailboat #marshallcovepaint

It’s a good color. I’ve been pleased with the Marshall’s Cove Paints.

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