I Don’t Have a Bucket List.

Me and our tour guide, who was a fantastic bat-lover and rock nerd! #endlesscaverns #virginia #travel

I went to Endless Caverns on a road trip to Virginia a few weeks ago. Lots of camping, the main cost was gasoline. 

It pokes at me, this whole “Bucket List” habit spreading around. Or at least in my little bubble, it seems to be a habit. I hear people, often, mentioning something nice to do or a great place to go and then, “Oh yeah, man. That’s one for the bucket list.” It’s dangerous, consistently subjugating a (sometimes just somewhat) firey desire to an undocumented, expensive, unaccounted-for list. Perhaps more sad is that, on this so-called bucket list, the idea can reside with a respectful sum of anticipation because this adventure has been categorized as something you’d like to do before you die, but it will probably sit there in that bucket and die along with you. Get going today. Ditch your bucket list or that habit of dropping things on your bucket list. Here’s why:

We’ve got to quit our ‘someday’ culture.

This is the culture that results in the servitude of countless millions of people to go to work today so that for two days a week you can pursue those things that you dream about doing the rest of the week. A bucket list is a “someday” list. If it’s longer and more beautiful than what you do with a majority of your life, think on that really hard.

Most bucket lists are merely things that with money, you just buy yourself in.

I’ve never heard of someone putting a delayed gratification item on a bucket list, like the sort of thing that grit and hard work could bring you to. They’re all parachuting out of airplanes, not flying the airplanes. Or going to a certain country… for a week. Go back to item #1. Why keep working and saving up for these teaspoonfuls of thrills while letting your life slip through your fingers like water?

This is not a zoomed photo. I pet this seal today and fed her a fish. Thanks, Roxie the #seal and @neaq!! #boston #ma #animals #aquarium I was pretty darn misty the whole time.

This is Roxie, a fur seal at the New England Aquarium. I was so thankful and completely elated to have been invited to pet her and get a special tour of the place, but I know it was super expensive to do. 

You can live in a way that makes it so you never, ever think about ‘bucket lists.’ 

I can imagine jobs and routines that bring a lot of joy to your life, I just don’t think a majority of us live in that world. Here’s the biggest secret: It’s not wild and reckless abandon to envision and put to motion a life boldly lived.

Even if it’s said in passing, it’s a sign of this dream/real life dichotomy in your mind.

The struggle is real, people. We get one go-around. I used to do a lot of someday type of dreaming, and now that I’ve shifted to being able to make everyday amazing (not just with the boat!) I just don’t do that anymore.

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3 thoughts on “I Don’t Have a Bucket List.

  1. Ellen

    Great post! I completely agree with you about how it’s possible to live in a way that makes you forget bucket lists, even if it’s just getting out for a walk at lunchtime and seeing the leaves turn color.

    Glad to have found your blog again, I loved your posts on OffCenterHarbor during your cruise south.

  2. Bill

    You hit on a lot of good points here. I’m constantly (well, often enough) telling people that as far as we know we’ve only got one shot at this life so we’d better do something that makes us happy. It’s totally possible. Glad you are living a meaningful life for you.


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