In a Moment

The body of my friend’s 5 year old daughter was just found feet from her boat this morning, a calamity with the same random chance as a star or nebula forming, the same random chance that a dandelion seed finds a good patch of loose soil, and the same random chance that brought her mother and father together, the same random chance that brought them all into the world in the first place… and yet, irreversibly, it happened. A plop into the water, maybe a bump on the noggin, no fault or bad luck or angry gods or evil spirits.


But now, in the aftermath, and because we like to order the unordered, we’ll look to make sense of the senseless. Some will say disingenuously how they never let kids out of sight or that they’re always wearing their Safety Things… that they never look away to stir a pot or to scrub a boat… that they live with so much fear for this very moment that every moment for them is some brand of agony. They react so vehemently because they merely live on the other side of a thin veil, a shared and brittle skin made of a moment and a circumstance outside of their favor.

People outside will look in, everything will draw in too close, and even my dear friend will look within herself, and find only random and sundry stars, seeds, and stories.

Some stories aren’t meant to teach anything. They’re just stories. Here we see a story that had an ending none of us wanted.

I hope the grief hangs lightly over my friend’s head, more like a cloud than a stone; that she might be in the shade of it but doesn’t have to carry it, and I hope the cloud turns into a silver coated memory, smooth and cold to the touch and strong as anything but weightless as nothing. I hope her husband sits in the sunshine today, meditating on the things outside of his control, like the way the constantly-exploding sun can heat us from so far away or how many dandelion seeds land on pavement or get stuck while floating by.

I feel so much love for these people today, a depthless compassion for them and Our Kitty.



Here’s how you can buoy this family up: Please donate.

10 thoughts on “In a Moment

  1. Cheryl Geeting

    What a beautifully written post! So sad for this family. This could happen to any of us .. donated what I could and shared on my FB page. My heart aches, but it is also warmed by the cruising community’s support!

  2. LisaD

    Thank you. There is no finger pointing or wagging that will make any difference. We all do our best and these parents loved their darling daughter with more than all they had. It is a terrible moment that will be forever questioned and re-lived in their minds. I hope they can find peace in each other and this community that loves them all.

  3. Marc

    The single most touching tribute I have ever read. We all need reminding sometimes of the randomness of the universe.


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