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What Sailing Sounds Like: Tennis

Tennis’ record, Cape Dory, came out in early 2011, right after I had been to the Caribbean for the first time and cruised around the USVIs and BVIs. This album, from beginning to end, is full of words and sounds that are rooted in sailing because the married couple who comprise the band wrote all of the material during a 7 month cruise along the east coast of the US.

The title track, Cape Dory, performed live on KEXP in Seattle:

Seafarer, my favorite song on the record:

What Sailing Sounds Like: Lord Huron

Beautiful visions of wandering and wide open sounds… Lord Huron has a sound that melts me every time. “Ends of the Earth” pulls every heartstring of mine. “Out there’s a land that time don’t command, wanna be the first to arrive…”

Rolling echoes of delay pedals, light jangley guitar, a smooth croon, and airy sentiments of living forever. Lord Huron’s “Man Who Lives Forever” is a song that sounds like sailing to me. I hear it in my head sometimes when I’m at the helm.

Catch their entire NPR Tiny Desk Concert in this video. They’re great live: