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Our New Leash from Island Time Pets

It was a treat to receive our package from Captain Dave Bill and Island Time Pets. Maye’s new leash feels fantastic, is a great length and weight for her, and stylish to boot. But this thing isn’t just salty looking, it’s ready for rough and real adventure.

Island Time Pets Leash

I’ve been interested in what Captain Dave’s been doing for a while now. He’s down right passionate about making safe pet toys and accoutrements in a world where so much of what’s available as pet supplies come from sources more concerned about cutting corners and keeping prices low. Captain Dave knows how you feel about your pet, because he feels that way about animals, too.

You can see his care in this leash with its strong yet pliable material and the appropriately-sized hardware made to last.

Island Time Pets Leash

Here’s a mariners’ and a pet-lover’s touch: back splices are executed and then stitched in place (seized) to be sure your loved one is safe in this leash’s care.

Island Time Pets Leash

The resulting strength of this method of securing both the hardware and the handle means we’ll probably have this leash in use for the rest of Maye’s life. Right now she’s 4 years old, so this fits right in with my un-fussy way of doing things. If I buy something new, I’d like it to be the best I can get so I only have to buy one of them.

Island Time Pets 6' Leash

I highly recommend Island Time Pets toys and accessories. They’re creative, well-made, and healthy for your pet in every way. There’s something for everyone: your pullers, your power chewers, your chasers, your nibblers, and your walking buddies.

"Dot Calm" at the dinghy dock