Supper Club

Every so often I have a themed potluck shindig. When I have another one, all the details will be here. 


A note on kitchen equipment:
We’ve got a two-burner cast-iron griddle that I’ll fire up (good for heating pretty much anything) and can heat the oven to an appropriate temperature. Lots of plates and bowls, serving spoons, forks, and all that jive.

Carpool if you can, space is limited in the driveway. There’s extra room to park just a little way down the street, so if you do come and the driveway is full, poke your head into the house and we’ll solve it.

If you’re coming from Belfast, cross the bridge over the Passy and take that first left (at the blinking light). That’s Swan Lake Avenue. 1.1 miles, on your right, take Back Searsport Rd. The road sign almost lost a fight with a plow, so it lists backward a tad. Our house is on the right 2.2 miles down. It’s just after the Dump Road, has a hot little yellow mailbox out front with a big 70 on it. The house is a natural shingle bitty thing with a garage that’s about the same size. There’s probably an orange 1973 VW Squareback in the dooryard.

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