What this blog is about.

Here you’ll find a seabound homesteader telling stories of adventures in canning, sailing, bicycling, hosting, and local eats. My philosophy? Sell your stuff, keep the dog, live on a boat.

I read that on a clever t-shirt.

For me, life on a boat demands and affirms a lifestyle I strive to maintain. One of sustainability, sea-going know-how, and simplicity. It also affords the opportunity to host friends and make creative meals for them, to plan adventures and travels that are rewarding, fun, and easeful, and to organize your life creatively in a small space.

In this way, I guess you could think of From Pine to Palm as a blog that would result from the melding of Apartment Therapy, Spoon and Shutter, The Everywhereist, and a rookie, only slightly technical sailing blog. I could only hope to be as helpful and amazing.

11 thoughts on “What this blog is about.

  1. Barb Hart

    Beautiful photo — and I look forward to your posts. EW has a hat with your phrase – sell the house … We did it all, including keeping the dog and he lived aboard with us for 8 years, until he died of cancer. It’s an amazing lifestyle. We lived aboard in Maine for 8 years — year round. Cheers to you!

  2. Sophi

    My philosophy? Sell your stuff, keep the dog, live on a boat.

    Oh Anne — that is perfect! So me, too… love love love it. What is your sailing itinerary this summer? Where can Seabird and Mimi Rose play together?

  3. Cindy

    I just “found” your blog, and first of all your writing is beautiful. The way you paint a picture with words is fabulous (like with the Norfolk post.)
    Then as I was poking around I saw your quote “Sell your stuff, keep the dog, live on a boat”.
    My then boyfriend now husband and father to our 2 kids and I did that 15 years ago. I was 25 and we were in an apartment and all of our friends were buying houses as investments (and we know how that turned out) and “settling down.” We had an Everything Must Go party and asked our friends to take everything from our apartment except the dog, our CD’s, and our backpacks with our clothes. And they did. And the next morning we walked to our new home tied down the road to a dock. We got married, went cruising, came home, started working again, got pregnant, bought a bigger boat, and we never stopped living aboard full time since. We cruise locally with our 2 and 8 year old kids and plan to untie for the long haul in a couple of years. Hope to see you out there!

    1. Anne Post author

      What a story, Cindy! I hope we see you out there, too. Thanks for the kind words, can’t wait to meet you, which we’ll make happen one of these days.

  4. Tasha Hacker

    I want that T-shirt. Here’s an idea… buy a silkscreen and some cheap tees and sell them on Etsy to fund your cruising. It’d be great! (Except mine would say “Sell your stuff, keep the cats, live on a boat.”) Happy sailing! Maybe we’ll see you out there! We’re on s/v Hideaway.

    Tasha (Turf to Surf)

    1. Anne Post author

      Tasha, I LOVE that idea. I think I’d even just buy tshirts from local thrift stores and mod them with the screen print! You’ve inspired me.

  5. Amber Nolan

    Hi Anne. I stayed with you guys on the Mimi rose in Savannah a cpuple years ago. I just wanted to let you know you inspired me. I bought a 35 foot sailboat and am living on it in Key West. If you sail down here lookup the Moonlight II, stock island marina Village. -amber jethikinggypsy at gmail.com


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